Terms & Conditions


  1. PADERSON has determined that a selective distribution system for its Products is important to ensure quality of the shaft experience for its entire dealer network and enduser consumers. To meet these objectives, PADERSON KINETIXX has designated distribution of portions of its product line through various distribution channels and mediums.
  2. Dealer represents and warrants its experience in the retail golf business and to having the means and resources to adequately promote the Products in its established trading area.
  3. Dealer agrees to use its best efforts to promote and sell PADERSON KINETIXX Products from Dealer’s location(s) in its established primary trading area and to maintain and display a reasonable level of PADERSON KINETIXX Product to satisfy consumer demand.
  4. Dealer agrees participation in special marketing programs will be subject to conditions applicable thereto as announced from time to time by PADERSON KINETIXX.
  5. Dealer agrees to comply with all credit and payment terms established by PADERSON KINETIXX which are in effect when Dealer’s orders are received.
    • PADERSON KINETIXX at its discretion may refuse to accept or ship orders in the event the Dealer is not in compliance with PADERSON’S credit or payment terms.
    • Dealer agrees to provide financial information as reasonably requested by PADERSON KINETIXX.
    • Dealer authorizes PADERSON KINETIXX to obtain from any source such information as PADERSON KINETIXX may require in connection with authorizing credit.
    • In the event of default in performance of any obligation or payment of any debt owed PADERSON KINETIXX, Dealer agrees to reimburse PADERSON KINETIXX for all costs of collection, including attorneys’ fees. 1 of 5
  6. In the event of termination of this agreement, dealer agrees to return product to PADERSON KINETIXX at a repurchase price that does not exceed PADERSON KINETIXX invoiced price.
  7. PADERSON KINETIXX will warranty products as listed below to the original purchaser.
    • All PADERSON KINETIXX products have a full lifetime warranty for the original consumer level purchaser if the shaft was bought and installed by an Authorized PADERSON KINETIXX Dealer.
    • All PADERSON KINETIXX products have a full lifetime warranty for the PADERSON KINETIXX Authorized dealer.
  8. Dealers must abide by pricing guidelines herein below.
    • Dealer must always sell at or above Minimum Advertised Price, MAP.
    • Discounting of shipping transportation charges is prohibited when selling product at MAP. Price must always be a minimum of MAP plus shipping.
    • Product trading is prohibited.
  9. Dealer must abide by internet sales guidelines herein below.
    • All eBay sales are to have a reserve price of MAP and “Buy It Now” price set at MSRP.
    • All published internet sales pricing of whole (built) clubs having a new PADERSON KINETIXX shaft must reflect MSRP of PADERSON KINETIXX shaft component plus remaining component pricing guidelines (clubhead, grip) in accordance with terms defined by each respective supplier if other than PADERSON KINETIXX.
    • Domestic sales must not advertise a PADERSON KINETIXX product with free shipping unless sold and advertised at a price that would equal MAP plus a nominal fee of no less than the verifiable bulk shipping charges or dealer contracted transportation rates from known carriers, including but not limited to UPS, FedEx and USPS.
  10. Acquisition of uncut shafts from a professional Golf Tour by anyone other than a qualified participant or tour member will be deemed a theft. PADERSON supply of shafts to professional golf tours and OEM club manufacturers’ mobile Tour facilities remain property of PADERSON KINETIXX until physically installed or otherwise tailored for deployment in connection therewith fixed installation.
  11. Dealers including but not limited to its representatives, fitters, builders, franchisees and or its authorized employees or agents thereof who attempt to resell new, unused 2 of 5PADERSON KINETIXX shafts acquired from a professional golf tour mobile van, caddie, representative, or player is in effect brokering property unlawfully and will be prosecuted accordingly.
  12. All PADERSON KINETIXX shafts have a unique serial number or proprietary BR/ QR code label identification. Sale or marketing of PADERSON KINETIXX shafts with removed or altered identification will be classified as “petty theft” or “grand theft” felony, depending on the dollar or unit value quantity of items traced in connection therewith this activity.
  13. Failure by PADERSON KINETIXX to immediately enforce these terms of the agreement upon any infraction or violation of said policy shall not constitute forfeiture by PADERSON KINETIXX of it’s lawful right to enforcement the terms set forth and agreed upon herein.
  14. Trans-shipments to any other dealer network, fulfillment center without prior written approval of PADERSON KINETIXX is strictly prohibited.
  15. This agreement shall be effective as of the date set forth herein below and can be terminated at any time in writing without prejudice to any claims PADERSON KINETIXX has against dealer.